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Teachers need the ability to understand a subject well enough to convey its essence to a new generation of students. The goal is to establish a sound knowledge base on which students will be able to build as they are exposed to different life experiences. The passing of knowledge from generation to generation allows students to grow into useful members of society. Good teachers are able to translate information, good judgment, experience, and wisdom into a significant knowledge of a subject that is understood and retained by the student.
Parental involvement
Parental involvement is an important element in a child's educational development.
Early and consistent parental involvement in the child's life, for example by reading to children at an early age, teaching patterns, interpersonal communication skills, exposing them to diverse cultures and the community around them, and educating them about a healthy lifestyle, is critical.
The socialization and academic education of a child are aided by the involvement of the student, parent(s), extended family, teachers, and others in the community. Parent involvement is more than the parent being the field trip helper. Parents need to be asked about how their child learns best. They need to share their career expertise with the children. Today's educators need to remember that parents are the child's first and foremost teacher; parents, too, are experts, and teachers should learn from them.
Academic achievement and parental involvement are strongly linked.


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I think that education is a very important thing in our lives. Our education is the key that can explain our future attitudes. As you said, a lot of people are involved in our growth. Our parents that teach us all we should do and support us almost always, teachers that are able to transmit us lessons, besides, in my opinion, the most important is that only some of them can teach us how we can be nice people, in the future. Well... all people that educate ourselves are really important and they should be valued forever...* Kisses, Patrícia

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