Monday, March 19, 2007


Father is a beautiful word. So small and so easy to say, yet so full of meaning.
This is dedicated to all the men in the world that have children, a family of their own.
For they are very important in our lives, throughout our lives and forever.
I'm grateful for having a wonderful and loving Father.
I love you, and I'll always will!! Thank you...


Anonymous sergio oliveira 11ºA said...

What he means the word “father”: better friend, protector angel, that one that in the guide, who in advises them, that in she reprehends them, that in admires, that gives them the life for us, that is, the father is everything. To repay this immense love and affection, it fits to the children land on water and to admire the parents, because they are they who in educate them and in them they become people. A great debtor for all the parents and for whom they adore them. The day of the father is every day.

8:39 pm  

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