Saturday, March 10, 2007

Books II...

Isabel Allende is for sure one my favourite authors. To prove that ,I can tell you I have got all her published books and I simply devour them. Reading Allende is so captivating that I almost forget my regular duties as a housewife, mother... what I want is peace and quiet to read non-stop.
Isabel Aleende was born in Lima, Peru in 1942, however , she is a citizen from Chile.
She worked as a journalist and writer since she was seventeen.
Her first novel "A casa dos Espíritos", was published in 1982, in exile , after the military coup of Pinochet.
Her books are translated in 27 different languages and this proves her literary talent and success.
She now lives in the USA, where she got married to an american and where also live her children and grandchildren.

"Inés da Minha Alma" is a fantastic book that tells the story of a spanish woman, Inés Suarez, from Extremadura, who sails into the New World to look for her husband, lost in his dreams to find gold and glory.
She is an unusual woman, that fights against the stigma of fragility and quietness all women had to devote themselves to, in the XVI century.
In America, she doesn't find her husband but her passion: Pedro de Valdivia and she participates in the conquest and fundation of Chile.
In this epic novel, romance has the capacity to take the place of cruelty and violence . Tragic moments are lived but she faces them all with great courage and strength.
A memorable book that tells us about real facts in an unmistakable style.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love read. In this moment I'm read "O Crime do Padre Amaro"...
This is excelent book, it's very fun...
Lot of people think that this book is bad but I Don't think this...
Reading is a culture...

Márcia Silva 11ºD

7:28 pm  
Anonymous Simão 11º D said...

Hi. Well how long I didn't came here. I have been much occupied and with no time to get a check on your blog that is really cool :P
talking about books.. I don't read too much but I've been reading 2 books from the same author. The books that I'm talking have with main the regression theory, and the diseases like fear and psycho things.

8:29 pm  
Blogger Patrícia said...

Isabel Allende is an excellent author... My mother loves her books! And I read only one, but I hope read more, maybe on holidays...


See you...* Patrícia

7:14 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello teacher Ofélia!
This is a great book. I had the chance to read it on Xmas hollidays. I am reading a lot because there's nothing interesting to do in the place I am working now.
I recommend from the same author "Zorro". And try to read other latin american writers like Luis Sepulveda and García Marquez. They are very good too.
I am adding a link of your page on my blog.
Send my compliments to your weak goalkeeper husband.

Want to know who I am? Go to


8:30 pm  
Anonymous genoveva 11ºD said...

I never read any book of Isabel Allende, but I will try to do this. As I had said
in other comments of your blog, I think that read brings many culture and Knowledge. I like to read but sometimes is difficult with many tasks that I have to do in school and at home.

12:06 pm  

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