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Smoking is a very serious addiction that affects millions, worldwide.
For many years, society has peacefully accepted that fact, which contributed to a higher incidence of diseases such as cancer. The young ones saw in that habit the frontier between childhood and adulthood, so they often started smoking , hiding from parents and adults in general, but soon it was accepted as almost natural.
The problem is that the old ways are changing.
Today, smoking is beginning to look like a major crime. What other words can we use, when smokers are being " persecuted" by the governments.
Legislation has already prohibited smoking in public buildings, schools, hospitals and many others, and in my point of view that is the right measure. The adults, in particular, in places where they are educating youngsters, must set the example.
So, I, totally agree with the NON SMOKING AREAS.
In spite of the fact that smoking kills, should we start a hunt to smokers? I, believe that to enforce the law with very restrictive measures, or by creating heavy monetary penalties is simply taking away the people's right to decide, freely.
Freedom, in a democratic state, is the right to make choices, whatever they might be, and be respected, as long as they don't offend the others' personal choices or rights.
As a non-smoker, I defend that all must freely choose.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Smoking is really a serious problem of our society.
Some youngsters start to smoke to impress others or because others persuade them to try it, they think that they grow up because of it. But, it isn't true! In fact, people are the same with or without cigarettes.
People should be valued by their interior, not by their appearance. If people are really our friends they have to respect each other's options.

But what makes me worried is the fact that smoking is harmful for health. Thousands and thousands of people die everyday all over the world, because of this terrible addiction where pain and suffering are always there. I believe, when these situations happen, a lot of people would go back in time and change their options, but quite always it's late!..

So, I also totally agree with Non smoking areas, because non-smokers shouldn't be affected by others' pollution!

Patrícia 11ºD

12:00 am  
Anonymous Genoveva Carvalho 11ºD said...

Smoking… As teacher said this is a very serious addiction that affects our society.
My father is a smoker and he always says that I and my sister should never smoke because he start when he was young, and he are very sorry about this. My father also says that he start to smoke because all of their friends smoked and smoke gave to him a little feel of superiority.
Yes, I agree with the non-smoking areas because it is very unpleasant when we go to a restaurant, and other places and we sense the smell of someone smoking. I don’t judge anybody that smokes but I think that smokers should respect the other people that are non-smoker. In other hand smoking brings many serious diseases, like cancer, and we must be alert of this. .
I can say that I’m a non-smoker and I’m very proud about it!

12:03 pm  
Blogger Simão said...

Me either! I agree with non smoking areas because non smokers became passive smokers when they inspire the smoke of cigarettes burning. Do you know when we are eating and there's someone smoking and we get with the smoke? It's horrible.. And I can't support it because that puts me with a bad respiration. And there's many people that don't like smoke because million reasons.

8:38 pm  

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