Thursday, April 19, 2007

Youngsters and Money II ...

This text was written by, Inês Tribuzi, from 11E. It was also the product of a classroom essay.

" We youngsters, enjoy life as it comes. Most of us have no worries as our parents once had, and we can afford much more than they did. On the other hand...
I think we don't give the right importance to the things that we have. In our " transitory condition" of immature human beings, we are naturally unsatisfied creatures always ready to buy more and more unuseful things but we still think it's never enough.
Besides, our minds are permanently being washed by ingenious advertising strategies that make us become compulsory consumers. Consumerism addiction runs in our veins. And we may say that youngsters are easy preys in this jungle, because we believe that " happiness" can be found if we buy that special perfume or if we wear that really marvellous and expensive pair of jeans.
On the other hand, we get everything we want without any efforts at all.
In fact, all the ads that surround us play a very important role in teens' attitudes. We are permanently under pressure, seduced by the magnificent effects created by advertisements whose targets are teens, so we don't think enough and we immediately buy that product that's so attractive for us, even if it is too expensive and has a low quality standard.
It's not a secret that we live in a consumist world where teenagers are easily influenced.
In my point of view, teenagers should redefine their priorities and, what is more important, be able to select the right option: what's the most sensible choice? - to buy that wonderful and expensive pair of shoes or to keep the money and save it " for a rainy day"?
Nowadays, we have an open relationship ( more than we should) with money.
Some decades ago, reality was quite different than now. As we should know, our parents had less money than we have today, because society was different and as Camões once said" time changes, desires change, too".
To conclude, I'll say that we should give the right importance to money, we should set limits to our abusive consumerism because if we are so quickly and strongly influenced by ads when we're young, later our materialistic instinct will be really developed and we won't have any limits."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I loved this text! Something really wonderful... Congratulations to you, my friend!

Patrícia 11ºD

6:56 pm  
Blogger Sofia said...

Hmmm... What can I say???
I just have a word to describe this text: AMAZING!!!

Congratulations Inês!!!


10:56 pm  
Anonymous Cátia 11ºD said...

Congratulations for your work! I agree with you when you say that nowadays more and more teenagers don’t give the really value to money and use them like he was easy to win… Sometimes they use the money for buy something, a cd or a beautiful dress, and overnight they don’t like of what they bought and go buy more unnecessary things and consequently expensive more money.

3:18 pm  
Anonymous Maria João said...

nice! xD

4:04 pm  

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