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Body Customising...

The word ‘Art” is an expression of feelings, emotions which are often expressed by symbols. A symbol is defined as a picture or image that tells a situation without words. Symbols, such as cave paintings and carvings were mankind’s earliest form of communication. In due course, Tattoos became the symbols that are known to have expressed man’s deep passions, beliefs and identity.
We have many ways of modern communication in our present time. However, symbolism still plays a very significant role in our daily lives. Some symbols have deep significance to us or to others, depending on beliefs and personal lifestyle.
The word is full of symbols – ancient, religious, Patriotic, and various others. A popular trend in our present days is to have is getting a Chinese symbol or even a Mickey Mouse, tattooed. When other people look at such symbols, they may not be able to make a meaning of it, but the wearer of such symbols will attach a special meaning and significance of these symbols for them.
Many people may be interested in knowing the historic symbolism behind a particular picture and sometimes we want to make sure we avoid designs that portray something we do not believe in or imparts a negative meaning.
Celtic tattoos and Dragon Tattoos indicate Valor, supremacy in the world. Cross tattoos and Flower tattoos (Lotus flower), indicate a religious expression. Angel tattoos and Fairy tattoos show optimistic belief, benevolent objectives. Butterfly tattoos and Flower tattoos signify artistic bent of mind, peaceful expressions and friendly culture. Lower Back Tattoos are an expression in sensuality, eroticism, especially in a woman’s body. Tribal tattoos are associated with History, Identity culture etc.,
Man, in his quest for more identity has reached in recent years an era of customizations. His dress is customized. His jewels are customized. His style is customized. But as an extension of this customization, he has been trying to customize the body itself, the home of the soul. The body is seen as an object to be improved, enhanced and modified. Thus decorative body mutilation, body piercing and tattooing have several things in common. They are major commitments in that they are irreversible and involve pain.
Though tribal mutilation of the body was prevalent earlier, it was intended to fit a traditional pattern to fit into a cultural template. Modern mutilation is intended to signal individuality and to symbolize the position of the outsider, although that is difficult in a society that consumes.
Thus, body piercing signifies Man’s attempt to challenge the creator – By mutilating the body, he takes the job of a creator, thus challenging the very creator himself.
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Blogger Cátia said...

Ola Ofelia,

Este é um tema que não reune, certamente, consensos. Para uns, as tatuagens servem para se distinguir do resto, para homenagear, para celebrar; para outros, não passará de algo exibicionista, um acto de loucura (por ser algo definitivo), etc. Pessoalmente, houve uma altura que estive para fazer uma tatuagem talvez influenciada pelo meu irmão, mas hoje fico feliz por não o ter feito. Não critico nem censuro quem o faz, mas neste momento sinceramente não gosto sequer de ver (tirando uma ou outra excepção, claro)... Quanto aos piercings, faz-me apenas lembrar as tribos indigenas...

Mas o corpo é o nosso melhor bem, que possamos "ser quem somos" e exprimi-lo da forma como nos sentimos melhor.

Beijinho grande

6:28 pm  
Blogger Ofélia Ribeiro said...

Hi Cátia
as always you have a kind and a critical commment about subjects, which are very dear to me. I don't like these forms of body customising too, but this is a blog for students , mainly, and this is a topic we are studying. My intention is to offer them the possibility to read more and express critcal viewpoints.
Best regards...

7:06 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Vou tatuar o meu corpo com o teu nome...

12:44 am  
Blogger Patrícia said...

Just to wish you a nice weekend.


Many kisses to you dear teacher

9:26 pm  

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