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Generation Gap...

Parents, when their offspring enter the dreaded teen years, look back nostalgically on the days when their children hadn't learned to speak yet, were cute and adoring, and hung on to every word that their parents said. One day, puberty happens and the sweet angels of yesterday begin to act like their parents are their worst enemies.
Teenagers are a mass of confusion as they sit on the fence between their childhood and adulthood. Growing up can be quite scary. While being 'grown up' has many attractions, the responsibilities that go with it often come as a nasty surprise. For instance, teenagers want to stay out till all hours of the night, but when it comes to waking up in the morning in time for classes, it's a different story. Parents must make them understand that if they want to party hard, they must also work hard.
Parents may feel a little like discarded old shoes, as friends become all-important to their children. It's not unusual for teenagers to go through a phase when they feel ashamed of their parents, afraid that their might not live up to their friends' standards. This can be very hurtful for parents, but they shouldn't take it personally. Just be cordial to your children's friends and maintain a distance. However, do not brook any discourteous behaviour for your children.
Teenagers are always talking about their freedom, usually in context of how their parents are obstacles. The minute you give children a curfew, or object to their clothes or hair, or do not allow them to go away for the weekend, you become the evil dictator who will never understand. Suddenly, 'generation gap' becomes a buzzword. It's as if one day you and your child find yourselves on opposite sides of the fence and there's no meeting ground. Each one feels that the other is speaking a foreign language.
However, parents don't realize that if they were to throw in the towel and let their teenagers run wild without any supervision, it would be a truly frightening experience for their children. Teenagers may not know it or admit it, but they need their parents to guide them about what's right and what's wrong. This is one area where age does matter and no matter how things change, parents should go with their instincts when it comes to deciding that some things are just not done.
Communication is the key
This is the time when teenagers try to become individuals in their own right and try to move out from under the protective wing of their parents. They will try out many things in order to be 'in' with the crowd whether it's smoking, drinking, wearing skimpy clothes or even losing their virginity. This is not the time to play the great dictator and alienate your children. Talk to them, but don't talk down to them.
The way to do it, is not by making yourself out to be the enemy and coming down on them heavily for every transgression (and there will be many). Try to lay down the ground rules right in the beginning. It is difficult for anyone to interpret the teenage mind, but try to convey the fact that you're on their side. Parents tend to forget that they were teenagers too once and their self-righteousness doesn't win them any points with their children.
Most parents tend to forget that babies do grow up someday and when the time comes, they must let them go and find their own way in the world. You can't protect your children forever and they won't thank you if you try to.
(adapted from an article called " Bridging the Generation Gap")


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Blogger Cátia said...

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Blogger Cátia said...

Olá Ofélia,

Grande texto que nos deixas aqui hoje... A adolescência é uma fase que pode ser mais ou menos dificil, consoante a maturidade com que se encara esta fase... Mas tal como está escrito, é uma fase entre a infância e a idade adulta e como tal, o pensamento de um adolescente é a mistura dos dois: querem ser independentes, mas nem sempre sabem encarar a responsabilidade... Os pais não conseguem perceber a mente de um adolescente porque pensam segundo os parametros próprios de um adulto e nao veem a perspectiva do adolescente...

Os adolescentes devem ter a consciência de que crescer traz direitos e deveres, que é necessário saber cumprir com uns para ter os outros...

Gostei do post, espero que os adolescentes que por aqui passam o leiam com atençao.
Beijinho grande

9:16 pm  
Blogger Bruno said...

I think the text is very interesting because it shows that parents are not always the reason but on the other hand tells us that we have to comply with the rules imposed by parents.
Many of the often discuss with my parents because I believe that I have reason but when I think about the issue concerned that I do not have any reason and that is that they are certain. Bruno Fonseca nº3

9:23 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Most of youngsters have no worries as our parents once had and we can afford much more than they did.On the other hand, we can´t buy everything we want because our parents don't give us money for all the things we ask them.I think that they want to show us that life is not easy and for this they must set limits and don't do all the things that them children want.

Ana Soares

8:58 pm  
Blogger n!ka said...


What a good surprise this text!! Nowadays, teens think adolescence very easy, but they don't understand that it is a big step in their lives...It's hard to change and it's harder when our parents aren't by our side! Even thinking it's not necessary, we all need the strength of our parents. It gets easier when they are with us, we feel more protected e supported. We need them to lead us, to help us find the better way!
About generation gap, it’s a very difficult problem, we always think we are right and our parents are wrong but in the end we perceive the opposite: they are right and we are wrong; but parents need to understand our needs, when we get older we need some space and comprehension, they just can’t be always watching what we are doing or telling us what to do next, we need to learn with our own mistakes! We never should feel shamed of our parents because they are our best friends, and we can hurt them a's not easy to see our children growing up I just can't imagine how difficult is being mother but I will get it someday and I will teach my son that freedom means responsability and we must be able to deal with it...

Filipa Mendes
10º A

9:58 pm  
Anonymous Miguel said...


I agree with this comment because the stage of adolescence and very difficult ....
The teenagers at this stage think we are adults, deserve freedom throughout the world.
The country should leave young people with some freedom in the beginning and over time, if they want to increase or decrease the freedom ... This can be attributed to improvement of notes among many other things ...
Once this completed my comment.

Miguel Pinto
N.º 20
10.º D

4:09 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My opinion, the text "generation gap", alert to problems/conflicts, that often we have house with parents and moment, I think that they haven't reason, but cold head understand as I am ridiculous with some attitudes that have, as text show, sometimes teenagers want straight, but don't to want duty.
10ºD, nº22

5:33 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Parents always see their kids like children... But... As long as they remember the first step of their kids, the first word... Children grow up and start acting like their worst nightmare!
Pass over puberty, make teenagers the must confuse "thing" of the world. And that could be a little bit scary!
On this phase, teens suffering a lot of changes... And, sometimes, they don't feel good with those changes... With the consequences of this, called, in Portugal, "idade do armário",they can affect people around them, like their parents (they start be ashamed of their mothers and fathers)... This can be not so easy to parents because we, teens, make their feel like Evil or obstacle of our lives!
Like a teenager, I agree with the last paragraph before the "Communication is the key". Sometimes we don't listen our moms and dads, but they guide us and make with our future looks better.
I think that communication is the key to resolve all problems. Parents have necessity to say to us what's good and bad like smoke, drink... And the truely reality of our lives like lose our virginity.
Sometimes, parents forget that were teens, one day... And this can cause more problems.
I think brilliant the last phrase of text... I can say it to my mom! "YOU CAN'T PROTECT ME FOREVER AND I WON'T THANK YOU IF YOU TRY TO."

Cristina Costa 10ºD

9:37 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like this text because speak of happening of reality.
In that children also grow and when their puberty, aren´t any more children, but teenagers and when start this, start also the arise doubtes and confusion without know if are childhood or adulthood.
Start the new attraction and bigger responsabilities.
Many teenagers stay to come out the night, but isn´t very approval by parents because alone to want protect "this children", that truth are teenagers.
Form friendships strongs, very important for teenagers stay with vices well smoke, drink or drugs and parents and friend help them.
Parents think that able protect forever this children.

Flávia Mendes...10ºD..Nº16

2:21 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agreed with the text, because teenagers don t like that your parents take your decisions, and parents don t have take teenagers decisions, but they owe to advise, because growing up is very scary, and the experience of the parents are many important.
But parents have to respect freedom of their son or daughter, and know when intervened, because is very difficult from we speak about every thing with them, we have scary that they don t understand.
Of course that in many situations (eg. Teenagers that smoke) parents have interviewed the one rough manner.
In situations less serious « communication is the key » for problems between parents and teenagers.

Luis Pereira 10º D

4:07 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the text show us what the reality of parents about us...I think parents consern much about us and our growing, but i know, and understand their feelings, but I think they also must consern about our feelings and our oppinios because they are not the only ones who can have oppinion. We now has teenagers grow up like a "bolt" and our parents dont understand must of the changes of poverty but for much as it costs they must know we are no longer their babies and now we know a bit more of the life. Like the text says "the comunication is the key", i agree whit this sentence but in must cases the parents dont know that, so i think parents and "teens" must understand that fact and solve the family problems whit that "reality"...

jose pedro simao nº18 turma 10ºD

4:25 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Parents dont undertand teens because problably because they are always seeing kidnapps on TV and when they sons asks to go to (by eg.)the disco they dont let them go.
And that maybe is one eg. of the concerns of the parents but in may way to see they are being unfair with us because we are not the kids that they think we are and that we can take care of us selfs.
Daniel Faria 10ºD Nº11

5:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think this text show us one major problem whit teens and parents.
The parentes see us like kids but they must change their way of think because we grow up and become more adults. So i think to have a good relationship whit parents we have (like its says in the text) to comunicate whit respect and understandment.

Diogo Cunha 10ºD nº12

5:08 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that parents don't accept that their sons have proper life.
Nowadays teenagers want to have their propers ideas without to listen parent's ideas and they don´t understand that their parents only want the best for their sons...
This two opinions criate disagrees between parents and sons and to there be a good ambient and dialogue between this two generations, they have to be comprehensives...


5:56 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In my opinon Generation Gap is a difference in attitudes and values between one generation and another especially teenagers and their parents.For example in their choice of music, prograns on tv and other many things.
I think which their conflicts of children and parents is a frequently happen nowadays in many houses of the world because for example the children think one thing and parent other,and the sometthing with parents.This example is a problem between others.For resolve their conflicts like say in text: "the comunication is the key"

tiago silva nº30 10ºd

6:56 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Young people usually associate with the fact of adolescence (age) give them certain rights, shall not want the duties that are associated with adolescence.
If I want to enjoy as a young life, I have always consciousness that there are rules that are passed me by my mother that seek to minimize the damage of certain attitudes and certain that might be. If it is true the words' fight with the head on the wall ", is also verdae that this apparent wisdom.
Usually parents try is that the children batam with the head on the wall, thereby learning the worst way.
In summary form is the idea that adolescence is a stage in life pretty much can not ever forget the limits, the rules of our mentors as a way to move this phase of the life of a more healthy.
Carina Cunha 10ºD Nº4

7:24 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with the text, because he shows us that parents have occasions that they are not totally right. On the other hand, some appear to have reaseon but teenagers don`t want to agree with them. Teenager have to be consciet that when they grow up they need to be ruled. who wants to be respected, have to respect and to follow the specific rules, the secret to have a good relationship between teen and parents is fair and open commumication with deep respect and empathy.


7:43 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In my opinion the text is very interesting because alert to problems between son's and parents.
The generation gap may bring very complications because the different education. The parents want ever the better for your son's but not understanding that they need a space for live their lives and the sons don’t understand that parents not do intentionally because they just want your well.
These situations of disagree are going to happen forever.

9:21 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Carlos Marinho 10ºD Nº7

9:24 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In my opinion the text is very interesting because alert to problems between son's and parents.
The generation gap may bring very complications because the different education. The parents want ever the better for your son's but not understanding that they need a space for live their lives and the sons don’t understand that parents not do intentionally because they just want your well.
These situations of disagree are going to happen forever.

Carlos Marinho 10ºD Nº7

9:27 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The relationship between parents and sons is a question that will always create issues in any home.
Parents think that as they «command», guide their kid's lives, they should continue to play the same role in teen's lives and, sometimes parents tend to forget that their "little babies" are adolescents now. Being the rebel thought and the independent spirit a characteristic of teenagers, parents should be present and advise but not interfere too much. .
Sons start to want run from parent's protection because they feel capables of living an independent and happy life.
So, I think that if there is a «guilty» it is both parts because to exist a good relationship parents should know how to LISTEN, UNDERSTAND and ADVISE their teens. Otherwise teens should know how to UNDERSTAND parent's advices and talk to them.
The communication and the mutual respect are the most important things for a good relationship.

Carla Ribeiro Nº6 10ºD

9:49 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Generation gap is present on this days.Old people and young people do not understand eatch other because of their different experiences, opinions etc.The most of discussions of teenagers with their parents its because the parents dont let their son's get out on night, because the parents have afraid that something bad happen to they.I understand the concerning, but for the teenagers is really boring, they want more freedom, and dont like to be controlled by the parents.In my opinion i think we should obey the decisions taked by the parents, because they know what is good for us.

João Almeida

11:03 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The problems with parents and teenagers are frequently, in the today’s society. This is fruit from a generation gap and we can’t make anything for change the period where we life.
I think all this problems have many solutions; the dialogue between them is one. Parents have to understand their children, because they are confused and scared with that new faze of their life. Also they want freedom; for example to go out whit friends at night and many more thinks what parents have to comprehension. However, teenagers have to understand theirs fathers too, because sometimes they aren’t control them, but yes preoccupied whit them.
In my case, I don’t have problems with my parents because I now they want only the better for my and this is good, I like, but I know live my liberty without abuse of the rules. I talk all my problems with my parents and this is important since they advise me many times.
I know teen age can be difficult, but being revolted is not a solution, because all have a happier size if we would want.

Rui Pinto nº29 10ºD

12:39 pm  
Blogger Ivone said...


I think the text is very interesting.
In my opinion the conflicts between parents and children are unnecessary.

Many kisses to you ....

Ivone 10ºB Nº15

1:34 pm  
Blogger telma said...

The conflits between parents and children in adolecence don't do to avoid.

Telma 10ºB Nº28

1:38 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello teacher

I agree with this text because the stage of adolescence is not easy.
I'm my point of view, the parents don't understand the problems of the new generation gap because they live in other generation when the parents never took whith yours sons about for example the sex, the complications of the life, the puberty and others thinks.But the foul is not just of the parents, allways we provoc the conflit when we desobied to the parents when they have reason.
I think to the situations of disagree are going to happen very times with everyboby.


5:48 pm  
Anonymous paulo dias said...

I think this text is very good and I agree profoundly because sometimes the parents don't understand their adolescents. We live new times and everything is new to young people, we have many opportunities that our parents were not, are about 30 years since the adolescence of our parents to our and our parents don't evolved to our time. By often prohibit us and seem to be a barrier between us and society but they only want our well and we should thank it!

Paulo Dias 10°D nº23

7:22 pm  
Anonymous Rúben said...


I think this is one problem which two different generations (parents and children’s) are obligated to overcome when arise.
This comes in the age at which children grow either physically or psychologically and begin to want to be independent, so we can do things that the vast majority of adults do as a night out. During these changes some teenagers when look to the mirror do not always like that they see and this can lead to problems such as drugs, tobacco, and alcohol, or with the people around us as our friends, but especially with our parents that despite always want the best for they son’s sometimes only complicate and make us feel even worse with ourselves. Therefore I think that the best way to solve this problem is to follow the phrase "Communication is the key", because only talking about our problems people can understand each other and overcome their problems reaching an understanding.
So if our parents do not want us to believe sometimes how our enemies I think this is the best if not the only way to family happiness.

Rúben Leite

10º D nº:26

8:16 pm  
Blogger Rui Fonseca said...

Very good teacher... I tottaly agree with the text, because I`m aware that generation gap is built for several termes, being one of them the teenage, phase wich for me is one of the most importants, because when cross to the adult stage. It`s also the most complicated because when crossing it we suffer lots of changes either psichological either physical...

8:43 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nowadays the relationship between parents and teenagers isn’t easy. Teenagers have a very strong opinion about their choices and their future. And parents, as in the past, believe they know what is best for their children. Sometimes these positions can go extremes and that is very sad. Both parents and teenagers should try to understand the other part and they should reach an understanding.

João Pedro Pinho
Nº19 10ºB

10:21 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Today, the conflit between generations is very commun.Teenagers don't have the same point of view of their parents, the opinions and the way each one of them look at the world is different.
Our parents are always trying to protect us but they need to understand that we have our space!
It's not easy growing up and we have to be wrong to learn how to do right!
Communicate is always the best way to show what we think!!!

Zé Miguel

8:48 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well... Everything on the text is true!
Like every teenagers I also think that my parents just want control me. Sometimes I feel like my parents don't know what is like being a teenager! But I also know that they just want protect me... I know that it's dificult to them see us grow up "so fast"!
My relationship with my parents is good... 'Cause through they be my parents, they also are my freinds! And I agree with what you say on the text : the most important on families is the communication!
I talk with my parents about everything and I just won with that! I won their confidence.
But I also have my secrets... It's hard to teenagers talk about some subjects with parents... (like boyfriends/girlfriends), because we just feel like they don't understand us...

On my opinion, sometimes they just want show us that life isn't easy (like the most teenagers thought), but adolescence isn't easy too.

I think that, with adolescence, everyone learns new things useful for life.

Adriana Leite 10ºA

10:57 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with the text. in my opinion adolescense is a very difficult process and priod of our lives, maybe the most's not easy agree with our parents, we need to understand their point of view and they need to understand ours! in order to have an agreement we should talk with our parents, but in the most of time, we think that we are right so we just turn our backs and don't listen what they said. Tha,s wrong because the just want the best for us.

simao teixeira 10a nº28

11:25 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In present-day relationship between parents and their children is better in my opinion because we live in a different world where parents have more trust in the children we already have children more freedom.
In my case my relationship with my parents is good, because I have an opportunity to take such things to my parents some years ago had not.
The mentality of parents in this day and age is more advanced, and then to understand certain things and certain prior unable to realize.
I have a sense that in this day and age is very complicated to be father because everything is more evolved.
Much of the time the parents to give their children have well with the track at all.

José Pedro Nº18 10ºA

12:42 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with this text, as the text says that parents will never be prepared for the stage in which the children entering adolescence, and this is always the case ...
Parents don’t understand their children they think that they are babies forever and they forget that they growing. They increase your size, and they change. Not only their physical aspect but also their attitudes, and psychological.
Parents don’t understand too why their children speak only with their friends and don’t speak with them, as when they were younger. At the adolescence young people already think about leaving at night and haven’t hours to arrive at home, but only few parents who permit.
The adolescence is a stage where young people want to be individuals in their own right that is without the control of parents.
Parents will never understand that the children are no longer any baby!!!

Filipa Carvalho Nº9 10ºC

8:34 pm  
Blogger Flavio said...

Nowadays, some young people to the relationship between father and son are very difficult. The youth of today have increasing problems, both psychological and the physical level ... The parents try to help their children and alert them to choose the right choice, but some children do not understand the role of father and the conflicts between them begin. Furthermore there are still parents who do not try to understand the side of the children and think that everything has to be the way of them, these cases cause serious family problems, which in my opinion could be avoided with a simple conversation ...

Flávio Carvalho
Nº. 13


8:40 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with many points mentioned in this text. The time in life that parents have more difficults to deal with their childrens is in them adolescence. A teenager have problems that parents not understand, but they try help him to find the right way.
When we are children we see our parents like idols, but when we grow up we think that they don't like us because we want many things and thinking that they don't know what mean beeing in adolescence. We forget that they also past this phase when they were young. So we must listenning what our parents have to say because they have experience and care about us.
The adolescence make us thinking that we know every thing and the others don't understand us, but I see that I'm wrong...

Marisa Guimaraes

10:28 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe that teenage years cause a lot of distress and pain both to teenagers and their parents.
The text mentions some of the transformations and problems parents and teenagers face. Parents want to avoid their childreen from suffering and having bad esperiences. The childreen are prepared to take risks and they don´t want to feel controled.
The most difficult thing is to find a commom ground. Parents need to learn how to use that freedomin a responsibe way.
In my situation T try to convince my parentsthat they can trust me and that I am able to make my own choices. However, there are times when I have to do what my parents want instead of what I want because, in the end, I know they want the best for me

Andre Alves Nº11 10ºA

11:23 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


In my opinion,the actual relactionship between parents and teenagers nowadays,is in majority of cases complicated,because exist much lack of communication between they...

Andreia Lima 10ºB Nº4

2:59 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The parents never understands their childrens.Nowdays the relationship between parents and teenagers is full of conflit.
The parents think know what is good for us but, sometimes, we don´t interest what they think.We know what is good for us.They do not let live our lives our way they want to interfere in our decisions.The problem of parents is not understand us and not listen what we say.
Priscila Ferreira 10ºB

4:51 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with the text.
in my opinion adolescense is a very difficult process, maybe the period most complicated.
Today, the conflict between generations is very common.
We young and we just want to like we do what we should, what we feel, not link-tion to the opinions of our parents, sometimes they just in berram, only prevent us to do something for our well not for our evil.
Sometimes we do not agree with the views of our parents, and we do "movies," we chateados for things without any sense, but it is also part of our age, the young people of today.
A person learns over time.

Filipe Fernandes

7:22 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In my opinion, I think that the teenagers is a complicated phase; therefore existing diverse transition, since the responsibility term until a form as to face the life! The teenagers therefore is marked, had to all these new things of preparation for "A New World", that for times it is not far from easy to face, nor for the proper teenagers, nor for its parents.
In my situation I do not have many difficulties; therefore I have my parents, who help me to exceed all these normal problems of this age, what to the times she is necessary to have, to pass these difficulties all.
She is necessary to have a support of people who we trust total, in which we have a special relation.
I think that all the teenagers to pass this phase, that to the times can be become in a great obstacle, have that to gain maturity, responsibility and a great mentality, and over all to have somebody to help them.
I know that she is not easy, but the life is thus same with high and low and trying to live the life of the best form, therefore it still now is to start........

Thanks, Paula Sofia

10:01 pm  
Anonymous Bruno said...


In my opinion parents and sons don´t understand each other because they lived in diferent times so their opinion will always be diferent.
while children lives in parent´s house they must respect their
orders and rules.
The transition between childhood and adulthood of teenagers is very dificult to both parts (parents and teenagers)therefore parents should try understand and make more easy the life of its childrens.
However for many quarrels that parents have with the children they must have to respecting him because parents will be always parents.

Bruno Rafael nº7 10B

12:19 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi...! =)

The text speak about that happen in reality with families...
Nowadays, most teens don't have a good relationship with your parents, because the parents think that tenageres doesn't grown, and this become complicated for them. i know that for teens, get more freedom, they need to be responsible, but the parents also have to give a vote of confidence. And sometimes, this don't happen.
I belive that they think that is the better for us, but sometimes, they harm us...
The parents don't understand our mind, but they have to make a effort!

I know that some teens think that are adults, and don't are..

Sometimes, parents forget that were teens, one day...
But, exist teens that are very responsable, and have a mind of a adult.
I belive that exist famalies that don't have problems/conflits, but sometimes this families are not "true"...

Two generation, two minds, two opinions, the key are dialoge and capacity for understanding...

By Adriana Mendes Nº17

5:11 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Adriiana Mendes 10ºc

5:15 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The relations between the parents and the children very often are complicated, because the parents do not understand the children or then they give they great freedom, and very often that does so that his relation is not of the best.
Therefore there had always to be one good relation between the parents and the children.

Ana Silva nº1 10ºB

5:18 pm  
Anonymous Diogo said...

In my opinion the father-son relationship is sometimes very complicated ...
When it comes to age to be independent believe, may be conflicts ... I think that parents should protect their children but also should give some space... In some cases, too much space can lead to marginalization. Parents also passed by the same, so they have to understand.
Diogo Santos Nº12 10ºB

6:48 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In my opinion the poem shows the reale relantionship between parents and teenagers.I think that parents know what is the best for us, but in my opinion the parents must listen what we want to do with our life.
Andreia Rafaela
nº3 10ºB

7:16 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


This text speaks about the conflicts between teenagers and parents, caused by the age diference. Most of teenagers, don`t understand their fathers and their decisions. For example, normaly, the adolescents don`t understand why their parents don`t let them stay in dsco late at night.
The parents only want protect their kids for the problems, smoke, drink, love relationship, because they are afraid that them children suffer.
The most important thing to end this gap, is comunication. If parents and kids were honest to each other, they would get to an agreement and also to good relationship.

ana rita fernades
10º A

8:35 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi! =)

Well, I agree with this text...
Nowadays the conflit between parents and teenagers is very common, because the parents forget that your kids are growing.
Adolescense is a very difficult period of our lives, with a lot of problems. The kids grow up and become teens, and create their own opinions, thoughts and values about life!
In my opinion, the relationship between parents and teens are complicated because they don't understand each other.
They lived in different generations, so their opinions are different, and it cause conflits. Teenagers don't like that your parents take your decisions, but the parents don't understand it.
Teenagers want to be independent, but not always know face the responsibility, they think that are adults.

I beleive that parents want the better for us, but sometimes is not... But in reality, teens need their parents to guide them about what's right and what's wrong!

I think that the communicating is the best way to end with this. Is the key!

Serafim Pinto

Nº26 10ºC

8:49 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi teacher!

Nowadays teenagers had adopt different behaviour in relation to others generations. They have adults behaviour much early and sometimes not for the good reasons, such as: drink alcohol. Drugs, sex and so many other things…
Has a result of their behaviours and many time misunderstand by their parents they enter in a conflict that can cause serious problems. Some parents are afraid for their children and forbid them most everything and several time these teens made everything to annoy their parents.
Our generation are very materialist, they want-brand new clothes, they look for their body image and they want money to get out with friends.
Some of them left for the second plan studies.

Catarina Silveira nº10 10ºc

9:09 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Professora enganei-me...
Catarina Silveira nº10 10ºB


9:14 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree that this phase, adolescence, is the most difficult for the relationship between parents their teen children. In my opinion this happens because this is a time where the parents are more concerned about their children, and teenagers think they are self - suficient and don't care about their opinions.

Most of the times, this is the moment where great conflits arise because of the diversity of thoughts and mentalities.

It's difficult to understand each person's opinion, but in order to exist a good relationship both parents and teenagers have to comunicate.

Doubts in adolescence is natural and it helps us grow and it has to be comprehension and patience from both sides.

Clarisse nº11 10ºB

9:46 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm totally agree with this text.It's talk about relathionship between parents and their childrens in adolescence.
The parents when the children have diminute age, they have less worries but when the children grow up the worries increased and they started to have more respinsabilities have to make their own options and the parents have afraid that their sons don't choose the better path.
It's true about the teens started to go out at night with friends but parents doesn't like that because they think sons doesn't have age to go out and doesn't have conscience and can put in bad vices.
The teens think that have always reason and they now doesn't accept the opinnions of their parents.
The teens start have relathionships and some teens started forget school and they make to be a little inconsequents.
Many times the parents also don't know how to react to development and growth their childs. Theysaty scary and they give him the best education but sometimes they put many rouls and is spread the revolt and indignation.

Edgar Melo

10:30 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


In my opinion, I agree with the text because I think that parents are never prepared for the growth of childrens.
When we leave to be passed to children and adolescents, we need above all to talk about life, about school finally on everything and who better than our parents to help us.
Well, but they sometimes forget that the children are teenagers and need to be heard.
Parents "forget it" also because time doesn't allow it to have a more open relationship with their children. However become sometimes absent. They are, a little selfish when it comes to our future, and we longer "fly" a bit, and try new things, but with clear responsibility.
Parents should always rely on their children, and never control them, because only then, as the text, don't become their worst enemies.

Joana Costa
10ºC nº10

10:32 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with the text because i think that teenagers now more than ever are fighting with their parents about eveything and dont think about their parents thougts and possibilities. As a teenager i think that parents are very rigid and with a antiquied mind.
Parents say that life is not easy and they are right, because they pass trough eveything that we are passing through now.
I live in generation that is called generation GAP because we have all with doing nothing and things are all done. Nowadays most of the teenagers aren't responsable and dont about their future.
I think that the text is well written and we should do this more often.

Nuno Pereira

10:37 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The text reflects something that happens in nowadays.

Well, the opinion of teenagers is not always the same that parents have, and this may cause a conflict between the relationship of parents-sons.

In my opinion the teenagers want freedom,fun, be with friend and more..., but they must have consciousness of their acts and have to be responsible.
Of course that doesn't happen in most parts of time ,because we are teens and we are growing, and we don't care about that.
This is the reason why the parents are always to annoying us,because parents want to be sure that we don't put us into trouble.
The only way to end with this is the communication.
Without this the relationship between parents and sons will decrease.

Mário Martins
Nº20 10º C

10:42 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello teacher!

I agree with the text, I think that parents neither always to underdtand with teenagers.
Because they are one shape with different with our...

The parents say that the life with teenagers is very easy, but this is not true...

I think with teenagers must speak with our parents and to try expain the our shap the look to life!!

Carla Rocha

11:43 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In my opinion this text is very interesting and important for us, because speaks about the adolescent problems.

This problems appears when teenagers grow up and their parents can not understand our young head. It is difficult for many parents accept that their children one day will be adults like them, and they wants protect children constantly.

I agree that "Communication is the key", because is very important that parents speaks with their children about false friends, about bad habits and show them what is the right way that children must go on.

In the text the sentence "Growing up can be scary" is true : we can not imagine the difficulties that we can found in our life.

Please, try to speak with your parents and respect their opinions and experiences, sometimes they have reason and they only want the best for us and don't forget that this time is time of changes.

Liliana Sampaio nº20 10ºB

2:36 pm  
Blogger Ana said...

Generation Gap

The generation gap is complicated, because nowadays are born to joke with poor and old people because they are old-fashioned. Elder people do not like much this state of affairs, because of their different(older) way of thinking. For that very reason the different reactions.
The geration gap nowadays is complicated for both parties.

Ana Margarida Moreira Teixeira
monday, 19th november 2007(two thousant seven)

3:07 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In those days parents have afraid of lose their children and they are right because there are too many violence, rappeds, kidnapeds...
Teenagers should understand why parents don't let them living their lives... And parents should understand why their sons need to grow up, go out with friends and live their lives...
If would exist respect and mutual comprehension, the relationship between parents and sons would be perfect...
The kids will grow up, their innocence will be gone, their needs for the parents will be reduced...
The parents will feel alone, unuseful and they will cry because they will "lose" their little babys...
Concluding, repect for each other, mutual comprehension and lots of love are essential in a happy fammily.

Sara 10ºB

6:16 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I think in this day and age the relationship between parents and children is not very good. The children can not speak so openly with the parents, then feel the need to go to be with friends. The prejudice nowadays it is too, especially those with parents who are not very new and difficult to talk to their children on matters of normal adolescence and many times do not understand very well the needs of children. In conclusion I think that parents should talk openly about all matters with their children, that would be good for both.

Ana Castro
Nº2 10ºB

8:29 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the adolescence, some teenagers have problems with parents, because sometimes they don’t understand us. We want something and for parents, those things are very complicates.
We want some freedom, and they don’t give to us! They don’t understand some teenagers’ things, like love and Style. For example, for parents if a son arrives to home with a piercing or a tattoo, they kick up a fuss. They don’t accept this. But we know, they don’t want boring us, they only want our good life. So I think parents with some time, they get used with our new habits …

Paulo Cardoso 10ºB nr.23

9:14 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi !

I agree with the text , but has never through stage described.
Never had shame of my parents, I like to have freedom (not too many), I love to be with my friends, but don't abdicate a typical program of family.

In my opinion, the adolescence is the best aspect in life of each individual. We live new experiences, people know, start to have our freedom.

I love to be teenager : )

Andreia Guimarães
10ºC Nº3

9:22 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In my opinion, the coment tak about the relationships between parents and teenagers.
I agree an any points the teenagers, because parents always don´t understand their problems, feelings,etc, but parents have your reasons because they are the best for "your child"!!
The comminications is very difficult because in puberty most teenagers don´t talk about their problems with your parents, because they have afraid talking about many things, for example, smoking, drinking and relationships.
Must teenagers like talk with friends because they don´t are obstacles.

Márcia Freitas

9:46 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Generation Gap is the diference of ages and way of think, between children and parents.
In majority of cases conflits between parents and children are commun. Conflits exist because parents do not communicate with their children.
Parents want the best for us, and when they are saying something to us, it means they think that is good for us.
In my opinion communication is the best way to resolve teenagers problems

Gilberto 10ºB

9:56 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi :)

First I want to say that I agree with the text, since that is what happens in reality.
The teens try to seek and to define its own identity. Many of the times that demand is not well accepted by parents who still see their children as theirs infants.This generates conflicts between parents and children.One of the things that can help resolve many of these problems is often a good communication between them, but there is not always available on both sides.
In the background so that adolescence is necessary calm that both sides are prepared to sell, this is parents assign their children a freedom aware, and that the children also become aware of its responsibilities and its limits.
Kiss :):)

Luis Miguel Nº16 10ºC

11:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In my opinion the text is very interesting because it speaks on the relationship between parents and children. The teenagers have a very strong personality and sometimes the parents are unable to coordinate this.
The difference in education is maybe the main reason why parents fail to understand their children, what they need, feel and concerns.
That makes the relationship between them quite difficult.


4:52 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think of the text true, because the teenagers (têm) one bad impression the parents. For exemple i and my parents the relationship is a fantastic but very families the relationship is a bad.

Joaquim Pereira 10ºc

5:43 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I agree this text...
This text alert for the bad relationship between parents and their children
Adolescense is a very difficult process of our lives and parents don't understand us... Because they lived in different generations.
I know that parents want the better for teens, but they can´t protect them forever.
Teens think that don't need help, but in reality they need... They want to be independents, but are not able. So, it creates conflict.
Parents and teens discuss a lot because of their differences of opinion.

I think that they should communicate each other. "Communication is the key"

Bruno Magalhães 10º C nº4

8:17 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello! ;)

I agree whith the text...
it`s talk about the conflicts between teenagers and parents.
I think that adolescence is a very difficult process and the relationship between parents and teenagers are very complicated because they don`t understand each other.
the teenagers think that have always reason and they doesn`t accept the opinions of their parents.
in my point of view, the parents want protec their kids for the problems: love relationship, drink, smoke, adolecense pregnancy...
however, the most important on families is the communication!

Vânia Soares 10ºC Nº27

8:52 pm  
Anonymous Patrícia said...

I think that this text is very well constructed .
The parents try to defend the children to much and they think that the children forever go to be babys'. But not , they growing up and become independent, many start to smoke, drink, but that is normaly in puberty.
It is always good a little of control exactly when we are more grown.

Patrícia , 10 º C

9:56 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Teacher!Hi everyone!
What a great text!
When we think that we are the only teenager that had/have this kind of problem the text "Genaration Gap" appears to shows that conflits between parents and their childreen are normal.Old people and young people do not understand each other because of their different experiences and opinions. The parents wants the best for their sons but not understand that they need space for live their lives and the sons don’t understand that parents just want your well.
These situations of disagree are going to happen forever.

Ana Sofia 10.ºC N.º2

12:56 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Teacher!Hi everyone!
What a great text!
When we think that we are the only teenager that had/have this kind of problem the text "Genaration Gap" appears to shows that conflits between parents and their childreen are normal.Old people and young people do not understand each other because of their different experiences and opinions. The parents wants the best for their sons but not understand that they need space for live their lives and the sons don't understand that parents just want your well.
These situations of disagree are going to happen forever.

Ana Sofia 10.�C N.�2

12:56 PM

1:09 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The adolescence is a period of our life very difficult it is when we put everything the cause.
The teenager want to be more independent but his or her parents don't let it happen because they are afraid.
we live in a society where the dangers apper very easily that's why parents don't let their children to go out at night, so the teenager turn on against their parents and the communication became impossible because children don't accept their parents ideas, they think their parents are very restrichives, unfashioned, intolerables and don't respect their freedom.
I'm a teenager and I'm an only child. My parents are best friends but sometimes I want my freedom too because I need privacy and I usually feel very protechtive. I want to have more responsability and correct my mistakes my myself.
I know it is very difficult for my parents understand it but they must do it.

Joana Oliveira 10ºC Nº11

6:43 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since that a baby born, parents are used to take care of him. But as he grow up, we wants to have more freedom, to think for himself and parents, due to that, have some afraid because their little boy is now a teenager, what usually imply an move away between them. Teens, could move away for thinking that parents want invade his privacy, but they are wrong. Parents only want the best for who will always be their "little boy".
I think that in society are many families where discussion is present everyday. But probable in many others families, teens and parents are and always will be best friends each other.

Ana Marta 10ºC Nº1

6:52 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

when we teenagers, enter in adolescence, we went have our opinion, said what we feel, what we think; we need talk with someone and we turn to our friends who understand better. we don´t feel wish for speak with our parents.
"comunication is the kep". I agree with this afirmation because if parents don´t speak with their children and haven´t feel with for speak about everything, will be more difficult for children understand prohibition are done by parents.
I also agree wich is "difficulty for anyone to interpret the teenagers mind", because what teenagers agree, today they are happy tomorrow they feel angry, sad.

Elodie Magalhães 10.ºC n.º6

7:50 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's very interesting, give a very good idea of the relationships between peoples of diferent generations.

7:56 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's very interesting, give a very good idea of the relationships between peoples of diferent generations.

Rui Aurélio
Nº25 10ºC

7:57 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like this text...
because I think is stage of adolescence is very difficult and confused.
This stage is complicated because the parents don´t understand the adolescents and I think who youngsters are children.
This age is full the incertitude, teens think who are adult and want being independent but for that is necessary has responsability but teens don´t accept it because want run away the problems.
This adolescence.

Liliana Cunha 10ºC n.º15

7:58 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In my opinion the relationship between the adolescents and the parents is a complicated bit, therefore the have way to think and an experience of different life. The adolescents prefer to act without giving heard what the people oldest and with more maturity advise to them, therefore prefer to follow its instinct, instinct this that in can make them to repent one day.
The adolescence is not just a rebellious phase, in which we do not want to hear the views of our parents and we reject, rather, to observe the rules that they told us. The adolescence is a transition that does change our life, because with it is that we will win the mature enough to become adults.

10ºC nº 24

9:02 pm  
Anonymous Pedro said...


I agree with this text because the adolescence is a very dificult period, the teenagers think that are adults, but are not parents don't understand the teens, because their opinions are different...
So the relationship between parents and their children, is bad.Teens want to be independent... but parents don't understand it.I think that this situation can be resolve, but for it, is need communicate.

Pedro Mendes
Nº23 Tª10ºc

9:22 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I totally agree with the text. Parents only want to ptotect their "children" but they forget teens aren't babies anymore and ned some space on their own and don't want to share everything with their parents, because they feel more comfortable talking to their friends. but I understand parents in some ways. When teens want to go out at night and go to bed late, parents worrry about them because they don't want to their "kids" be in danger.
Teenagers don't have idea how much they need their parents, but if we don't had them we wouldn't be capable to know what we should or not do. Teens want their independence but they don't think what would happen if we were on our own, we couldn't make it.
The solution for this problem is comprehension the both parts. Parents need to understand that we are not children anymore and they should try to understand our way of thinking and teens have to understand that parents only want what's best for us.

Filipa Pinto
10º C Nº8

9:34 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Adolescence is a best way of our lives. Many times we think that we're right, sometimes it happens always. The generation gap between parents and teens takes part of our lives, because we have different thinks. Our parents lived in a different time so they're more conserved. Teenagers normaly have a open-mind; they think they're right and don't want to listen them parents. I love my dad and my mum and they learnt to me I should listen and if I want more freedom I've to be more responsable.
The generation gap will always exist and we can do nothing for it desapear, just can learn with parents and vice-versa.

Marta Magalhães

9:37 pm  
Blogger Marcio Sousa said...

I agree with the text, he describ very well the generation gap is. The diference of genarations and consequently of education will make an diferent mentality, so the parentes have problems with their childs when they enter in adolescense. The text shows that the parents don´t understand the actitudes of the sons and the sons don't understand the decisions of parentes; teens think that they are adults for choice their own decisions but they don't. On the text we can see that the key for the problems is the comunication, if we talk with our parents with calm, explain our situation and shoew them our problems maybe the discussions and conflits between the both sides slow donw and relationship comes better.

9:52 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thetext is very important for us Adolescents because recount problems part who footfall with my parents.
In Adolescence is complicated relationship between parents and childrens, because the parents don´t understand children bihavior.

Vera Pinto

10:21 pm  
Blogger kelho said...

Hi there Teacher, first, I want to say that this is a perfect text in all aspects, because it discribes very well the both sides of adolescence:In one Hand, it shows the Parents and rules, that are for teens the worst things that could happen during this phase, and in the other Hand, it shows the bennefits os the adolescence: Liberty, friends, and for sometimes, love...

I think that those situations that the text talks about, makes me think and realise that something similar is happening between me and my family, and I'm sure that it's happening to other fammilies too, thing like: Comunication problems, freedom problems, and even sometimes, arguments about things that aren't important...

So, in my opinion, and like it says on the text, parents must remind that they were once teens, and, yes we must have rules, but they must understand us, and to achieve that, they must talk to us, and think a little bit like us... Another aspectof the text that would like to underline, is the fact, that we teens, feel a little bit embararassed about our parents, we don't do it to be mean, or something like that, we just feel that our friends won't understand them, and I think that parents don't have to make that such a big problem, because I know that this might Hurt, but we don't do it to make somebody sad or disapoited...

Another thing, is our self-called "freedom", we, and even me, sometimes want to be independents, but independents just for what we want, because when it takes to responsabilities, like cleaning the house and things like that, we try to run from that as fast as we can, because, we just want the good and amusing part of beeing adulths, because, when it takes responsabilities, we dont want it...

In spite of all this obstacles, beeing teen is the most (at least for now) amusing and unique experience in life, when I think that we all have to enjoy this part of life, and must relax a little bit, because there's time for everything, for studies, for playing, for love, that is another subject of arguing for many families, because it involves different ways of thinking, and that can cause serious damage in family, resulting on the breack up of the couple, or in the lost of connection beetwen the two family parts.

So, in summary, i think that parents must do an effort to understand their grown up children, but the teens must also do that effort to understand their parents, because after all, their are their parents, and if they don't have a good relationship with parents, they are'nt doing the thing on the right way.

We must take profit of every single second of this part of our life,


Jorge Costa 10ºC Nº14

10:40 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In my opinion the text is suffeciently interesting therefor is a subject that pleases me.
The adolescence is a period of physical and emotional changes.The adolescence is a important period of the life.About relation to the text I think that the sometimes the parent`s don`t understand their adolescents.The relatioship between the parents and adolescents is a complicated bit,therefor some have way to think different..
Sometimes the parents forget that its children who were small are adolescent now.
The parents should be present and advice but don`t interfere too much because the adolescents like to have its proper privacy.
When the children pass to adolescents perceive themselves that they start to have its proper probls, more responsibility, way to think different and other things.
Sons start to want run from parent`s protection therefor they think that already the probls without aids obtain to exceed all.
I think that for a good relatio between the patents and sons he must have understanding of the two parts.the communication and the mutual respect are the most important things for a good relationship.
In my case I do not have problems with my parents therefore they I understand me and it they and they and give to me a little to it of freedom.I talk all my problems with my parents and this is a important since they advice me many times.To decide the conflicts like say in text:the communication is the key.......I Know that the phase of the adolescence is difficult in such a way for the parents as for the children,but being revolted is don`t a solution.

carla costa nº5 10 C

12:05 am  

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