Monday, November 12, 2007

Teenage Pregnancy...

Teenage pregnancy has been around as long as there have been teenagers, but its pervasiveness in this country, the dimensions of its social costs and the urgent need to attack the problem are just beginning to be widely appreciated….

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Blogger Cátia said...

Ola querida,

A gravidez na adolescência é cada mais preocupante. São crianças a tomar conta de crianças.. Muitas crescerão mais depressa, outras não o farão e serão os bebes a sofrer com a imaturidade dos pais.

Qual a melhor soluçao para prevenir? Consciencialização é certamente importante e urgente (talvez os professores possam ter um papel activo nisso). Mas e mais? Distribuição de contraceptivos nas escolas? Talvez seja essa a solução, mas não estou certa disso... Boa chamada de atenção!

Beijinho grande

7:07 pm  
Anonymous filipa costa 10º A Nº14 said...

In my view teenage pregnancy is an act inconsistent ..
All the girls from a certain age have to be more careful with such risks are not the only ones that exist, one of the risks is HIV-AIDS .. A disease rather dangerous but which already have healing in this day and age

3:45 pm  
Blogger Ana Mendes said...

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9:28 pm  
Blogger Ana Mendes said...

hi teacher!!!!!

In my opinion teenage pregnancy is an irresponsible act. Normally the teenage pregnancy happens to the girls that have problems in their life... they don't have conscience of theirs responsibilities...when they are pregnant, they can be felt lost and they can follow for bad ways... they have afraid. Sometimes, their friends don’t understand how can did it happens and reject the girl. She passes since very early, to have responsibility....

Ana Margarida Mendes 10ºA nº6

12:30 pm  
Anonymous Marta Mendes 10ºA said...

hello teacher!
In my opinion, the pregnancy between the adolescents, has come to increase, therefore they are not enough responsible for such act, and for times they do not have conscience of that they are to make when an adolescent, thinks that now can have sexual relations, always has of if preventing, using the condom, therefore it is a very usual way, and prevents the pregnancy and also it protects of illnesses as the SIDA one and among others.

Marta Mendes 10ºA

2:35 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The actual relationship between parents and teenageres, in my opinion, is good.
Although many parents not understand the teenagers, that because, the teenagers sometimes exaggeration willingly the parents.
But, also exist many parents who not facilitate the life for the teenagers, not accept who they go for to relax for a while.

Bibiana Ribeiro
10ºB nº6

5:02 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think teenagers should have more conscience about preganancy. Parents can talk to them and help living their lives better; they can explain the importance of having a save relashionships.
Teenage pregnancy has been increase. It's worry when children have children.

Marta Magalhães

3:48 pm  

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