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Grace Paley...

Born in the Bronx,( Dec. 11, 1922— died Aug. 22, 2007), New York, Paley was the youngest child of Russian-Jewish immigrant parents. She grew up in a socialist, intellectual household amid a babble of three languages;Yiddish, Russian, and English.
As a writer of fiction, Paley would pick up on the music of all three tongues, celebrating their rhythms and idioms.
From an early age, she wrote poetry, and at age 17 she took a course with the British poet W. H. Auden.
As a student Paley attended Hunter College and New York University.
She married early, in 1942, and settled with her husband in Greenwich Village, where they raised two children (the marriage would eventually end in divorce). In this community of artists, intellectuals, and bohemians, Paley became involved in leftist politics. She frequented anti-war and anti-nuclear demonstrations, and she became engaged in local issues.
As a young mother in the mid-1950s, Paley made her initial forays into writing fiction. The urge to tell stories had begun to grow in her, but the responsibilities of motherhood called. Falling ill one day, she arranged for her children to attend an after-school program while she convalesced. Paley was not too ill to sit at a typewriter, however, and the extra hours of quiet and solitude were all she needed to begin writing fiction.
Paley's stories explored the everyday lives of her contemporaries, focusing most attentively on the lives of women. The dreams and goals of her female characters, independent, strong-minded, and often idealistic, propelled these narratives forward.
She was perhaps the first writer to explore, with gritty realism, the lives and experiences of divorced mothers.
Some critics point to her early stories as the beginnings of a feminist literature, written years before the women's movement of the 1970s.
When she was not writing or protesting, Paley was teaching. Like most authors, she needed a source of income to supplement earnings from the occasional publication. Though her original motivation to teach was financial, Paley grew to enjoy the work and even to gain inspiration from it.
It was the short story that Paley had mastered as an art form. Late in her life, she remains one of America's most esteemed authors.


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Thanks for letting me know I had a wrong photograph.

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Blogger lola said...

No problem! Thanks for the bio :)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I chose the sentence “the control of society over the individual.”
This is sentence in my opinion, is the on that define better the text, because Vincent is being influenced by principal.
Vincent has the dream be a doctor, however the principal things that to he is good to mathematics he should be engineer. It´s proving that the societies, in this case, the principal have control over the student.
In spite of be influenced, Vincent fight by his dream. This is only a text but it’s the prove of that if happens around the world often the people don´t follow his path because they are influenced by society including the parents.


7:15 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I chose the sentence “A student´s fight to achieve his dreams and ambitions”.
I chose this sentence because the text mentions the choice that a student has to his professional future.
He has the dream of be a doctor alleging that he knows every organ in the body and his working.
However the principal says that he will be a good engineer, he give him the life example and too alleges that the Vincent understand mathematics.
But Vincent if don´t leave influence and fight to his dream and ambition, showing the doctor around that he knowed like a body functioned.
Sara Faria 11º A

7:16 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe that we must fight for our dreams, although sometimes life changes our minds and destinies….
If we really know what we are wanted to do in future, we can’t give up of fighting of our dreams. We must fight with all our forces, and never give up.
Everyone have ambitions and everyone fight for them as they can. Some people want to have a good job with a well-paid salary; others want to be recognized for them abilities and effort in them jobs and others just want find a job that love and be happy.
If we want a good life with a good job and at the same time our family together, I think that we need have some objectives about what we want and what is the best for us.
I believe that every day we are fighting for our future because we are doing choices that compromise our life.
Sometimes we fight for our dreams, but they don’t come true. In those cases, I think that the best is to try again, because we really can be good at doing what we love.
About the story “the man told me the story of his life” I think that Vicente really have a dream of being doctor, but life changes his destiny. I think that for being a good doctor, is really necessary know every organ and every bone in the body, and at the same times, being an excellent professional.
In case of Vicente, life changes his dream and in the end he was made a cook, so I believe that sometimes our life is in our choices and opportunities that life gives us.
We must dream and fighting for our dreams but having at the same time the feet in the ground, because if we dream a lot we can fall.

Ana Margarida Mendes nº4 11ºA

10:07 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that Vincent should follow his dream because since he was a child, he was the dream of being doctor.
The statement that I think that shows the desire of Vicente to be doctor is:"I wanted to be a doctor with my whole heart", because as child he said to teachers that he have the intention of follow that profession and nobody did change his mind.
I think that all of us should follow his heart because nobody wants to be like Vincent and follow a career that he did't like and want.

Ana Soares. 10ºA

12:36 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a story about a young man had a dream. He wanted to be a doctor. He wanted it badly. In school, teacher told him that he should be an engineer and be followed their advice.
He didn't follow his dreams and his lack of determination stopped him of being who he wanted to be.
He went into the army, he became a cook, he got married, he became a father... He did everything society wanted him to do. He follow his dream but inside of him he felt like a doctor, that's why he knew what his wife had and saved his life.

Mara Miranda 11ºA Nº19

2:25 pm  

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