Thursday, January 03, 2008

Ban on Smoking...

Smoking is from the 1st January 2008 forbidden in most public places in Portugal.
Schools are amongst those places. Smoking is no more allowed, anywhere, not even in the open spaces.
I believe that this is probably a good measure to educate teenagers against the addiction on cigarettes. Smoking has been socially accepted for many generations and teenagers often smoke to feel older, to imitate their "role models".
I hope that this legislation discourages young people from smoking offering them the possibility to have a better health.


Blogger Patrícia said...

Hi teacher!

Just to wish you a great week :)

Many kisses

12:59 pm  
Blogger Kelho said...

Hi teacher.. 1st, both of my parents smoke, but both of them respect the non-smokers, and understand this new law, that begins now, so they are smokers but theyrespect the others which is a thing that all smokers should do.. so about this new law, i think thhat's great 'cause I don't smoke and it makes me angry when i'm eating and I it coms the smoke... it's a little bit disgusting.... hehe.. so this law is going to help the nonsmokers, but... what about the smokers... we shouldn't be, in a manner of speaking, so racists, 'cause they're also people, and I think That the governament should think a little more about this.. So, don't smoke.. heeh

Jorge, 10ºC, nº 14

11:04 pm  

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