Saturday, September 26, 2009

26th September...

The first European Day of Languages took place on 26 September 2001. It was one of the highlights of the European Year of Languages.

Celebrating linguistic diversity, plurilingualism, lifelong language learning

"Everybody deserves the chance to benefit from the cultural and economic advantages language skills can bring. Learning languages also helps to develop tolerance and understanding between people from different linguistic and cultural backgrounds." - Council of Europe Secretary General Walter Schwimmer and the European Commissioner Viviane Reding in a joint statement released at the official launch of the EYL

The overall aim of the 2001 Campaign was to promote the rich linguistic and cultural heritage of Europe. It was the occasion to celebrate the linguistic diversity of Europe and highlight the importance of intensified and more diversified language learning so that all Europeans can face the challenges of an increasingly interactive multilingual and multicultural continent.

The aims of the Year were:
to increase awareness of Europe's linguistic heritage and openness to different languages and cultures;
to motivate European citizens to develop plurilingualism, that is, to achieve a degree of communicative ability in a number of languages, including those less widely used and taught;
to encourage and support lifelong language learning for personal development.


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